Taoray Wang

With a touch of her Chinese heritage, and a modern take on men’s wear classics her spring offering was a play on contrasts.

Jeremy Scott

“I always like to have a little bit of fun,” he said. Of course he does, doesn’t he? Jeremy Scott’s Spring/Summer runway was a love letter to The Old New York.

Chloe Gosselin

Chloe Gosselin presented us to an ode to shoes. The Spring/Summer 2017 collection was filled with multi-straps, ankle straps, mesh and tassel details.

Le Summer Vernis

May your nails scream summer for as long and loud as you! There’s no question that the season calls for fresh manicure and cute colors, but how may we get them to last?

Edwing D’ Angelo

It was a passionate night indeed. A fusion as best described, was the main theme that reigned D’ Angelo’s runway, mixing his roots with a broad view into the future.

Orozco Clothing

With its edgy vibes and undoubtedly urban style, the brand lead by Jorge Orozco presented its new collection Desamor to a fully captivated crowd, us included.

Agua Bendita

Where’s the beach when you need it? Like a brilliant feast of colors and textures, not to mention the most tropical feel of warmth and poolside vibes.

60 years of Leonisa

The occasion seemed clear, the big 6-0, but, Oh!, were we in for more. Six decades in the business of making the feminine silhouette beautifully stand out.

Johanna Ortiz

Known for her love of colors and drama, we couldn’t way to see what her take would be this year. Centering her proposal from Parque Biblioteca Belen, the epicness was there from the start.

Pepa Pombo

Currently needing: A one-stop ticket to Rio de Janeiro and a suitcase full of Pepa Pombo’s designs. Let’s just say Day 2 has left us wishing out loud.