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Chokers: In or Out?

By Angella Andonie

Choker here, choker there! This trend has been used oh too many times by everyone! So I thought to myself, are chokers in or are they out? As I regularly do, I did some research regarding this 90’s trend. I came across with a Harper’s Bazar article that had the perfect answer.

So, here it is: 

  1. They are not completely out for 2017.
  2. Thick chokers are not “in” anymore. So ladies, keep this in your closet until they rise again. 
  3. You know that late trend from 2016, the more the merrier. For example, not one earring, but three. Who wants to wear one ring when you have like nine other fingers or can even wear several in one finger? Just saying! This applies to chokers too. The trend will be all about doubling and tripling. 
  4. Stack on delicate chain chokers and necklaces this year for the layering fashion.

With so many jewelry designers in the market now, chokers can now give you an elegant, sophisticated look, sexy night out look, or even that 90’s chick, punk-rebel look too. The best part is, there’s a price that adapts to every trendsetting girl. 

Take a look at these chokers that you can find locally.


Elizabeth Cole Choker

The B1rd Chokers

And if you are a ONLINE SHOPPER LIKE me... Revolve, also has a great choker section this is one of my favorites...