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New Year, New Me

By Angella Andonie

The clock strikes 12! Happy New Year! It’s time to dream big, to challenge yourself to commit to “life changing” resolutions. I say “life changing” because we hardly, ever, actually do commit to our so called New Year Resolutions. Do you want to become a better person this year? Do you want to become an entrepreneur? What about getting a haircut? Or trying on some red lipstick? Fit in some fitness in your daily routine? No matter what it is… the first step is to really accomplish these resolutions and to slowly persevere through the year to become a new you by the time you’re saying Happy New Year once more.

I’m keeping my 2018 resolutions short and simple, even though it took me all day to figure it out ... But this is what I want to accomplish before 2017 ends:


I don’t want to bore you as to why we need to stay hydrated but I will say this, I promise to try to drink my 2 liters of water per day.


I will try to fit fitness into my routine. Hey, I already started Sweatcycle at @ Erei !

Do more and expect less

It’s a hard lesson to learn. We tend to expect so much from people. A wise uncle once told me, “People will give you only what they can offer.” I’ll let you meditate on that!

Positive Vibes ONLY

I will eliminate all negativity this year, whether it’s a person, habit or thing. Some of us find it easy to be happy on a daily basis, others have a difficult time to find that happy place within ourselves. Here are a few suggestions on why it’s a great to be around happy people.

  1. Happiness is contagious.
  2. They don’t waste energy complaining.
  3. They inspire change and to try different things out.
  4. Imitation is incredibly human, we tend to do it with those that we keep closest.  

These are my totally achievable New Year's resolutions. What are yours?