A Look

7 Trends in 2017

By Angella Andonie

Will we keep rocking those 90 millennial looks with banging chokers, comfy shoes, velvet fabrics and the oh so easy slip dress? These are 7 trends that we’re expecting for 2017.

1. Stripes

Stripes make a comeback in 2017! They’ll be everywhere from shirts, dresses, trousers, skirts…. Here’s a picture of Queen Rania wearing stripes on January 16th. She sure knows how to wear the trend with grace and elegance.

2. Sneakers

Yes!!! Sneakers are still a thing. Look at these satin blue sneakers from Zara’s SS 17 collection.

3. High comfort

We do love our 2016 sneakers but, let’s face it. Nothing beats a great pair of heels. Designers these season will offer us ladies high comfort with platform heels.

4. Statement Earings

This trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Let your ears hang with earings even lower than your shoulder. Find ornamental earrings at Sofía Sofía.

5. Attention Seeking Shoulders

Kicking it back to the 80’s, shoulders will literally be big again!

6. Khakis

Ditch your jeans in 2017 and go for khakis. The rule: the more beige the better. These trousers can you give you a laid back look or make you look as elegant as possible. They come in different tones and styles. Opt for a wide leg, high waisted khaki pant this season.

7. It Bag: the Phone Case

A gal has all she needs in her iPhone. Put you tote away and opt for a small case purse. Moschino has flashy cases or you can search for a finer version of a phone case at Louis Vuitton. Still need to take a bit more than your phone? Go for a novelty bag with designs like stripes and painted with color.