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Kartell Finds @ Arancia Life

By Angella Andonie

giftschristmassIn the midst of the holidays getting closer and closer, we find ourselves doing the annual early Christmas shopping. So, we set out on a voracious search to find the perfect present for those around us (including ourselves naturally). Personally I put a lot of input and thought on every gift I purchase, aiming at perfection for those I love and cherish. What a better gift, than these pieces we found by Kartell at Arrancia. xmass1Kartell is an Italian brand, which specializes in the evolution and recycling of plastic to make their pieces.  Eco-friendly and gorgeous need I say more?  Their pieces can light up any room in your house, with an eclectic touch. Their variety is wide and their pieces vary for different tastes. glassxmassLets start with the Jelly Vases; these are part of the brand’s new family. Their aesthetic effect makes them ideal for any room in the house and adaptable for various uses. The core that looks like jelly, just as the name suggests, makes them evocative as well as modern. Perfect for your mother, girlfriend, mother in law, even boyfriends can make do with these. light1The Red lamp has transformed the classic image of the bedside lamp into, this stunning futuristic piece. The internal pleating of the lampshade embellishes the item, creating a play of light when turned on.

This piece is for everyone even for those who are afraid of things too modern, which makes it an excellent gift. Plus lets be honest Christmas is all about the red. _mg_5733The Wall Clock is a combination of modern and classic times. The roman numerals are engraved on the surface encompassing the flat clock face. Where a pair of white hands stand out, creating a play of lights and reflection. So if you haven’t found a gift for your Secret Santa this is your chance I can assure you time has never looked this good.

So before you succumb to a pile of gift cards, check these items out at Arancia located at La Galeria. Ideal for you to make a day of it, call your friends, go have a long lunch and do your shopping without feeling confined or rushed. Turns out; you can have it all…. let’s face it you’ve earned it.