A Runway

Tommy Pier

By Angella Andonie

South Street Seaport Pier 69 in New York was taken over by Tommy Hilfiger to showcase his SS17 collection. Fashion is a spectacle, but Tommy nevers ceases to amaze us with his sets. TommyPhoto: Gustavo Caballero / Getty Images for Tommy Hilfiger 

Tommy’s Pier was an amusement park with carnival foods and rides, over 2,000 guests with the presence of Taylor Swift. “A ferris wheel, burger stand, vinyl record store, and boxing ring were just some of the attractions, all of which will be available to the public on the next day”.

Gigi Hadid co-designed a line of clothing that was available for shoppers online ipso facto, a “see now, buy now collection.” This means that you are able to buy the collection six months before it’s supposed to be in stores. I applaud him because he knows how to take this generation’s need for instant and immediate to the next level. tommy 2Photo: Randy Brooke / Getty Images for Tommy Hilfiger

Here’s a picture of the boardwalk. It creates a laid back ambiance yet you know the show will be something grand, and indeed it was!Tommy 3Photo: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for Tommy Hilfiger

The collection was a fun ride. It was a nautical SS17, with the all American Tommy colors, red, white and blue with details in gold. It Following Tommy’s trend, Hadid created a collection for her young fans, inspired in the 90’s tracksuits, Tommy’s emblems, and bandanas around the necks. I think one of the best this of the show was the imediate availability of the items, were I was able to buy this amazing military green bomber jacket. 5_0907b0f4be0c


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