Le Summer Vernis
  • Le Summer Vernis

  • May your nails scream summer for as long and loud as you! There’s no question that the season calls for fresh manicure and cute colors, but how may we get them to last? L-O-N-G-W-E-A-R. A chipped nail is a summer’s day nightmare, easily ruining what was a perfect hue. Not anymore courtesy of Chanel. [...]
  • Edwing D’ Angelo

  • It was a passionate night indeed. A fusion as best described, was the main theme that reigned D’ Angelo’s runway, mixing his roots with a broad view into the future. Bold prints with summer y colors and light fabrics, enlighten the wildly popular concept that was named, Un asunto de pasion, b [...]
  • Orozco Clothing

  • With its edgy vibes and undoubtedly urban style, the brand lead by Jorge Orozco presented its new collection Desamor to a fully captivated crowd, us included. As part of the powerful initiative Épica: Reto de innovación from the Alcaldía de Medellin to support local designers, the limitless creat [...]
  • Agua Bendita

  • Where’s the beach when you need it? Like a brilliant feast of colors and textures, not to mention the most tropical feel of warmth and poolside vibes, the Colombian swimwear brand had us swooning for a sandy getaway ASAP. Opened by none other than the infamous Ariadna Gutierrez, better known as t [...]
  • 60 years of Leonisa

  • The occasion seemed clear, the big 6-0, but, Oh!, were we in for more.  Six decades in the business of making the feminine silhouette beautifully stand out, clearly called for something special and Leonisa stood up to the occasion. We were front-row treated as the only blogger from Honduras t [...]
  • Johanna Ortiz

  • Hello Colombian boldness. Third time’s the charm some might say, but truth be told, Colombiamoda has had a roll of charms since Day 1. Fashion in its most passionate state has been the overall theme reining all runways, and go figure, Johanna Ortiz was no stranger. Known for her love of colors an [...]
  • Pepa Pombo

  • Currently needing: A one-stop ticket to Rio de Janeiro and a suitcase full of Pepa Pombo’s designs. Let’s just say Day 2 has left us wishing out loud. With a cosmopolitan energy that made us dream of a night under the Brazilian landscape, we were delighted to a runway with extraordinary appeal to [...]
  • Opening Colombiamoda: Jorge Duque

  • The swinging 60’s came out to play, serving as the main theme for the long awaited inaugural runway of Colombiamoda 2016 by Jorge Duque. A colorful nostalgia of a beloved era mixed with a romantic Tango flare, filled the Fabrica de Licores de Antioquia in Medellin for an evening of decadence and [...]
Beauty addict apps
  • Beauty addict apps

  • Get your smartphone a helpful twist gathering some pretty awesome apps for all your beauty fix needs. Decide what haircut to try or learn more of that beauty trend you’ve wanted to try. These apps tackle everything from hair styling, nail care, make-up trends and even sleep monitoring. Get ready [...]
Skin is in
  • Skin is in

  • Just like a cute dress or a favorite shirt, our skin is a beautiful thing, which is exactly why we must wear it well. With summer at our door and low necked, sleeveless, basically all types of skin-revealing pieces filling up most of our wardrobe, skin prep is an act to be done. With this in mi [...]
Life is so EMOJInal
  • Life is so EMOJInal

  • It truly is. While fashion is meant to be used as an expression of your personality and style, one must add fun to this statement. What’s a good outfit without some much needed fun? While neutrals and solids make for truly classic pieces, statement pieces add that carefree element of fun and li [...]
Beauty Smoothies
  • Beauty Smoothies

  • Let’s have toast! A splurge season calls for a healthy season, and what a better way to get your glow on with some super-charged beauty smoothies. Wipe out the toxins and bring out the nutrients with some on-the-go fresh smoothies. Whether for breakfast or just an afternoon treat, beautify yourself [...]